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Allergy Relief Program

Helping Monmouth & Ocean County, New Jersey Residents with their seasonal allergies, sensitivities, food allergies, pet allergies & more with the Balko Allergy Relief (needle-free) Program!

Allergies can be a constant battle for many people young and old. Whether seasonal allergies or pet/food allergies, The Atlantic Center has a needle-free program option to help you become allergy-free.*

Acupuncture + the Balko Allergy Relief Program Benefits

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Additionally, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines are useful treatment options for reducing certain allergic reactions and the signs/symptoms that come with them such as sneezing, digestive upset, headache, and brain fog.

*Note: the needle-free allergy program does not cure all allergic reactions. Please contact the center for a consultation to ensure this program is the best treatment option for your particular allergy.

Acupuncture Treatment
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Book Your Allergy Relief Appointment at The Atlantic Center Today!


This initial diagnostic session will help us determine your allergies and sensitivities. Testing and first treatment may take up to one hour and allows for questions and explanations. It is possible to be done in less time. Upon completion, we will have a treatment plan for follow-up visits. Ask about our treatment discounts for multiple visits.


This is your follow-up appointment where we work on individual allergies and sensitivities. There are discounts available for those enrolled in Treatment Programs.

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